About Us


Our Goal

The first priority of Reference Analog is to get the emotion back in the music.  If you have noticed that music has become a background noise, you're not alone.  We have stopped focusing on what makes music emotional in our lives and focused on it being in the background.  If you once loved music we are here to bring that love and passion back, not just sell you something.  We believe whether you are wanting to build a 2-channel stereo or the ultimate home theater, it needs to be engaging and easy to control. 


My name is Jeff Harris; I am the owner of Reference Analog.  This company was built on the love for hi-fidelity and has been a life long passion.  I started out with my father playing records and enjoying music on his hi-fidelity system. This grew my love for audio and developed my knowledge on cartridges and turntables.  As I grew older I started assisting friends with the implementation and electronics matching to optimize their rooms.  I bought and sold on the used market for around ten years before opening Reference Analog.  This helped develop a knowledge that is only obtainable through owning and listening to a large variety of equipment over time.  I then started noticing that there were fewer and fewer dealers who were knowledgeable about anything other than sales.  This created an area in which I knew I wanted to repair.  


We offer a full range of services

- Turntable setup with expert cartridge alignment

- Component matching

- Speaker laser alignment

- Whole home integration

- Home theater design 

- New construction pre wiring

- Outdoor entertainment

- Home Automation

- Will can travel anywhere in US for installation